Our Staff

Jack Little Executive Director
Stacy Passailaigue Executive Assistant
Linda Grausso Director of Operations
Kathryn Harrison Director of Safety Net Services
Djuanna Brockington Director of Empowerment
Rachel Vane Director of Volunteers
Alana Morrall Director of Development and Marketing
Meredith Johnson Health and Wellness Program Manager
Yolanda Tolton Health and Wellness Assistant
Paul Suchy Warehouse Manager
Sheila Russell Job Readiness Case Manager
Katrena Boykin Empowerment Case Manager
Lyndsi Gibson Client Intake and Assessment Specialist
Domenic Grillo Operations Assistant
Ivan Lund Disaster Preparedness Coordinator
Dr. Michael F. Cuenin, DMD
Gina Davies Dental Hygienist
Leslie White Dental Assistant
Kathy Pundt Office Manager
Brittany Lacey Intake/Assessment Case Manager
Amy Caffee Communications Coordinator
Jo Cooper Event Coordinator

The Staff

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